Apple unveils Iphone X

Apple has unveiled its next generation phone and it has completely new set of technologies which has never before been seen from Apple. The phone that we all have been waiting for is finally here, its pre-order will start from 27 October 2017. Apple has gone beyond with this next generation phone.

Key Features: 

  • All Screen: Iphone X is offers an OLED display with edge to edge screen (all screen) which has never before been seen in Apple phones. It also has HDR display, One million to one contrast ratio, Color accuracy, 3D touch, True Tone Display. Apple has removed the single button it had in previous models. This model is entirely touch function mobile and it has Super Retina Screen.
  • New Chip: 
  • Face ID: Apple has introduced a new type of security feature in this model. It uses facial recognition for unlocking the mobile. This technology was enabled for Iphone thanks to Apple’s new True Depth Camera.  You just look at the screen and the phone unlocks. The true depth technology can detect your face even in the dark. To enable this seamless technology Apple had to make its very own Neural Engine which was possible due to A11 Bionic chip. Face ID learns your face even if you change your look i.e wear a glass, grow a beard and it will do its work. The Face ID requires attention to unlock the phone if you are looking away or your eyes are not looking at phone screen, it wont unlock.
  • Augmented Reality: 
  • Wireless Charging:
  • Animoji:
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